POLYUREA SKPU-300H: Polyurea Hybrid Spray Elastomer

I. General Information

STARKEMER SKPU-300 is a high performance, Sprayed, plural-component hybrid Polyurea elastomer. This system is based on amine-terminated polyether resins, amine chain extenders and prepolymers. It provides a flexible, tough, resilient monolithic membrane with good water and chemical resistance.

II. Features

clip_image001 100% solids type, non-toxic and solvent free.

clip_image001[1] Ultra-fast making applicable on the inclined or vertical surface without sagging and short down time.

clip_image001[2] Non-catalyst, insensitive to water and temperature.

clip_image001[3] Excellent physical properties such as chemical, impact, abrasion, cold, heat, water resistance and durability and UV resistance.

clip_image001[4] It is easy to apply and easy to adjust color and no limitation in thickness control.

clip_image001[5] High temperature stability up to 140℃ (280℉)

clip_image001[6] High elongation for crack bridging.

clip_image001[7] Good adhesion strength with a variety of substrate.

III. Usage

clip_image001[8] 100% solids type, non-toxic and solvent free.

clip_image001[9] Waterproof and anti-corrosive coating for buried concrete structure, sewerage pipe and manhole, etc.. .

clip_image001[10] Anti-corrosive coating for steel beam & pipe, plate, silos and tanks.

clip_image001[11] Floor coating for parking place, factory, warehouse and shopping center.

clip_image001[12] Waterproof and anti-corrosive coating for marine structure, bridge piers and vessel deck.

clip_image001[13] Lining for railcar and floor coating for truck.

clip_image001[14] Reinforcement coating for the incline of road and waterproof and anti-corrosive coating for underground cave.

clip_image001[15] Waterproof and anti-corrosive coating for chemical tank, swimming pool and nuclear power plant.

clip_image001[16] Encapsulation material for EPS, Polyurethane insulation foam or other types of flotation materials.

clip_image001[17] Encapsulation material for asbestos, lead paint or other dry hazardous materials.

clip_image001[18] Production of artificial set for broadcasting and exhibition and modeling.

IV. Resin Properties





Isocyanate Prepolymer

Amine/Polyol Mixture


Yellowish Transparent Liquid

Pigmented Liquid

Viscosity (cps at 25℃)

300 ~ 1,200

400 ~ 1,500

Specific Gravity

1.0 ~ 1.2

0.9 ~ 1.1

Mixing ratio(Volume)



Solids Content



Volatile Organic Compounds



Shelf Life at 15~32℃

6 months

12 months

Packing Unit

216 (kg/Drum)

200 (kg/Drum)

V. Curing Properties




Gel Time

Within 30


Tack Free Time

Within 4


Post Cure*



Recoat Within



Tensile Strength

Over 100


Tear Strength

Over 35



200 ± 100

% at 25℃


80 ± 10

Shore A

* Complete polymerization to achieve final strength can take up to several weeks, depending on a variety of conditions. The samples for tests were sprayed with a Gusmer H-3500 at 2,000 psi(13.79 Mpa) dynamic pressure. Primaries/Hose Heat 60 (140) GX-7 Standard Gun, Module #17, PCD # 213.

VI. General Application Instructions

Apply STARKEMER SKPU-300H to only clean, dry, sound surfaces free of loose particles or other foreign materials. A primer may be required, subject to type and/or condition of the substrate. Consult technical service personnel for specific primer recommendations and substrate preparation procedures.

STARKEMER SKPU-300H can be sprayed over a broad range of ambient and substrate temperatures. The limitations are in the ability of the application equipment to provide adequate material pressure and heat. Contact technical service personnel for specific recommendations, pricing and availability of spray and auxiliary equipment.

It is recommended that SKPU-300 be sprayed in multidirectional (north-south/east-west) passes to insure uniform thickness.

The amine “B” component must be thoroughly power mixed each day, prior to use. Contact STARKEMER technician regarding proper mixing equipment.

Follow the instructions attached to A and B containers.

VII. Recommended Equipment Settings

clip_image001[19] Standard 1:1 ratio, heated, plural component equipment developing a minimum of 1,500psi (10.34 Mpa) dynamic pressure with heating capabilities to 79℃ (175℉) will adequately spray this product. These include GRACO-GUNMER H-3500, H-20_35Pro, E-XP2. Gun models include Graco-Gusmer GX-7, GX-8, Fusion MP Gun.

clip_image001[20] Pre-heater temperature should be at 70~75℃ (158~167℉)

clip_image001[21] Hose temperature should be at 60~70℃ (140~158℉) a hose thermometer inserted under the insulation near the gun should read a minimum of 55~70℃ (131~158℉)

clip_image001[22] Physical properties will be enhanced when sprayed at higher pressure (2,500 psi or more) (17.24 Mpa), untilizing an impingement mix gun such as the Graco-Gusmer GX-7, GX-8, Fusion MP gun.

VIII. Mixing and Thinning

Thinning is not required. Using any thinner may adversely affect product performance.

IX. General Safety

Refer to the MSDS.

X. Delivery, Storage and Handling

clip_image001[23] Delivery product in the manufacturer’s original, new, unopened package and containers, clearly marked with manufacturer’s identification, printed. Instructions, lot numbers and shelf life expiration date for each component.

clip_image001[24] Store materials not in use in tightly covered containers in a dry, well-ventilated area at an ambient temperature between 15~30℃ (60~90℉), away from sunlight, heat, or other hazards.

XI. Limitations

o This product is for professional use only.

o Minimum material/container temperature for spray application is 20℃ (68℉)

o Avoid moisture contamination in containers.

o Containers should not be resealed if contamination is suspected, Co2, created pressure can develop. Do not attempt to use contaminated material.

o Read and observe all precautions, instructions, and limitations that are included with all containers of SKPU-300.

o Undried air exposed to liquid components will reduce physical properties of the cured coating.

NOTE: The material supplied is two components (A & B) used to formulate this product. The quality and characteristic of the finished polymer is determined by the mixture and application of the two components.


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